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We provide support at every stage to help people move from homelessness into a safe and empowering environment.


Everyone faces challenges at some point in their life.


Everyone needs support at some point in their life.


At One CIC we believe if staff feel supported they will deliver better support themselves.  By taking an enabling, nurturing and strength-based approach with employees we expect them to do the same with the people they work with.  Housing Support Officers provide person-led support which is delivered in the right way at the right time to enable a person to maintain and sustain their tenancy.


We want people to feel safe and happy and to reach their full potential so they are thriving not just surviving.

One CIC are a specialist provider of intensive housing management to vulnerable groups of people.

We work with a variety of people who need help to overcome barriers in their lives. We offer the support they need to maintain their tenancy and learn the key skills needed to live independently and play an active role in their community.


We support our tenants to:

​• Stay in their tenancy

• Manage benefits and debt

• Develop daily living skills

• Signpost to education, training and employment opportunities

• Be empowered to make positive decisions and choices

• Play an active role in their local One CIC community

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