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Welcome to ONE CIC


“One CIC was created to answer the immediate homelessness crisis in the UK, as well as help to prepare for the impact the Coronavirus pandemic will continue to have on homelessness and unemployment over the next few years”


There has never been a more critical time to provide high quality housing and intensive support for people in need. The Covid pandemic has escalated an already demanding situation where it is estimated that over 320,000 people are facing homelessness and potentially more as the fallout from Covid is fully realised.


Since its formation ONE (Housing & Support) CIC we have been on a passionate and committed journey to provide high quality accommodation and much needed support within regional bases, to support vulnerable and homeless communities.


ONE CIC has a clear strategy and ethos underpinned by a commitment to ensure that all staff, support and service provision operates within the core values of:


* Compassion * Empowerment * Honesty * Innovation


Our Mission is to empower people not impoverish them and therefore everything we do is person-led.  By listening and understanding each person’s situation, we can provide a suitable home and appropriate support to suit the needs of the individual.


So…welcome to ONE CIC - What do you need?




Provide affordable, high-quality accommodation to homeless people, in partnership with local councils, housing associations and investors

Re-invest all profit back into training, support and development and enable people to lead fulfilling lives


Create One CIC Community Hubs in local areas, which will offer homeless people advice, training, employment opportunities and a friendly/safe environment


Generate 100’s of new jobs and opportunities to get people back on their feet with a long-term goal of having each franchise run entirely by the people it once supported"



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