Sarah is passionate about ending homelessness and working in a strength-based way with people so they can transition out of homelessness themselves.  Given the right housing and support, she sees homelessness as a temporary tough time rather than a life sentence.

She has experienced a varied and interesting career working in the homelessness and supported housing sector for 27 years.  She has worked as a project worker, a housing officer, a manager, and a CEO of a young persons’ charity. This has been in Sheffield and London for Local Authorities, housing associations, and charities.

 As CEO Sarah restructured the service, implemented a Psychologically Informed Environment, and introduced a Personal Transitions Service.  She considers herself a social activist and systems changer, for example successfully lobbying her local MP to challenge the sanctioning of young people’s benefits.

Recently as a consultant, she has worked with a variety of homeless organisations, helping them to improve their teams and service-offer using strength-based solutions. 

Sarah lives in Sheffield with her family and loves nature, reading geek books, parties and music, and hates housework.